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Analog DNA circuit does math in a test tube

Often described as the blueprint of life, DNA contains the instructions for making every living thing from a human to a house fly. But in recent decades, some researchers have been putting the letters of the genetic code to a different use: making tiny nanoscale computers. In a new study, a Duke University team led by professor John Reif created strands of synthetic DNA that, when mixed together in a test tube in the right concentrations, form an analog circuit that can add, subtract and multiply as they form and break bonds. Rather than voltage, DNA circuits use the concentrations of specific DNA strands as signals. Other teams have designed DNA-based circuits that can solve problems ranging from calculating square roots to playing tic-tac-toe. But most DNA circuits are digital, where information is encoded as a sequence of zeroes and ones. Instead, the new Duke device performs calculations in an analog fashion by measuring the varying concentrations of specific DNA molecules directly, w…

New remote-controlled microrobots for medical operations

For the past few years, scientists around the world have been studying ways to use miniature robots to better treat a variety of diseases. The robots are designed to enter the human body, where they can deliver drugs at specific locations or perform precise operations like clearing clogged-up arteries. By replacing invasive, often complicated surgery, they could optimize medicine. EPFL scientist Selman Sakar teamed up with Hen-Wei Huang and Bradley Nelson at ETHZ to develop a simple and versatile method for building such bio-inspired robots and equipping them with advanced features. They also created a platform for testing several robot designs and studying different modes of locomotion. Their work, published in Nature Communications, produced complex reconfigurable microrobots that can be manufactured with high throughput. They built an integrated manipulation platform that can remotely control the robots' mobility with electromagnetic fields, and cause them to shape-shift using h…

Android N Developer Preview Review!

Google has released images for the Android N developer preview! Here is everything that is new to the OS and some cool changes.

Facebook News Feed is set to change again !!!

Facebook is further automating its "trending" stories feature, a move that will scale back human input to prevent personal bias from influencing which stories get highlighted.

The social media giant will rely more heavily on an algorithm to operate the feature -- which lists what news or events are hot topics -- no longer requiring people to write descriptions, according to a Facebook blog post.

The feature prompted controversy earlier this year, with critics alleging that Facebook 's news curators were deliberately omitting stories from politically conservative outlets, allegations the company denied.

Facebook said relying more heavily on software will allow the feature to cover a wider scale, while lessening the risk that personal bias could manipulate the list of trending topics.

Future of Fitness Bands in India

One of the most famous type of wearable technology available in Indian Market is Fitness Bands. Many small and big tech firms has started producing their fitness products including fitness bands.

For Fitness bands India is best market as Indians are getting more and more concerned about their health and fitness bands gives them an option to track their workout.

Companies like Xiaomi and Intex has adopted the right approach of launching budget fitness bands in the Indian market. One of the biggest factor of high sales of fitness bands in India is the pricing only.

And the way it looks in near future the sales is going to increase more and we might see many new players entering the market which would eventually help consumers as they will be having more choices and competitive pricing.

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MegaMIMO 2.0 A 10 Times Faster Wireless System

MIT Researchers Solve the Spectrum Crunch to make Wi-Fi 10 times Faster.

How to Buy the Right Smart Phone?

Quick Tips Opt for an iPhone if you want a phone that's easy to use and gets both the hottest apps first and the timeliest software updates.Android is better if you want more hardware choice and more control over the user experience. You can also find great Android deals under $300.Get a phone with a 5-inch screen or smaller if one-hand use is important. (See Best Small Phones for more.) Get a bigger screen if you like to watch a lot of video and play games.The camera has become the most important smartphone feature. Pay attention to specs like pixel size (in microns, bigger is better) and aperture (lower numbers are better) and ignore the megapixels. See our Best Camera Phones for our top picks.If you want the most speed for games and multitasking, buy an Android phone with the latest Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB of RAM. The A9 chip in the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus is also very speedy. A Snapdragon 615 chip is fine for mid-tier Android phones.Don’t settle for a smartphone with…

IBM'S Watson as a Service!!!

IBM announced last week it has moved its cognitive computing system into the cloud to form the Watson Discovery Advisor, allowing researchers, academics and anyone else trying to leverage big data the ability to test programs and hypotheses at speeds never before seen. Since Watson is built to understand the nuance of natural language, this new service allows researchers to process millions of data points normally impossible for humans to handle. This can reduce project timelines from years to weeks or days.

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Perception leads to Creativity !!!

This Video describes how computers are learning to understand pictures with the help of technologies like machine learning,deep neural networks and distributed learning.

Team HD !!!

Team HD™ is a group of YouTubers who are into the advancement in technology. The group consists of the following:
SidHD ( founder of Team HD™ )
​Science Akbar ( co-founder of Team HD™), Slenzer, Aakash Chandra, Gameology Tech, Tech Garage, Bhavesh Bharambe, Potato Technologies, Sid Tech, and ASRHD.
​These will be your providers of the latest tech news.Be sure to subscribe to all of their channels and enjoy the content.

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World's First Smart Tattoo !!!

The world's most prestigious technology institution, MIT, and Microsoft have offered us another reason why we are truly living in The Matrix, whether we care to admit it or not. Also, this could pass for another reason to be as imaginably lazy as possible.

SuperComputer !!!

22 year old from Bastar develops Supercomputer!!!

Facebook Hackathon

Mark Zuckerberg showing about what his team has built after hackathon.

If u want to be an Web Developer !!!

Must Know Web Development Tech if u want to be an Web Developer.